So, you think your icon is great, your screenshots looks fine and your description looks good as well but your app still suffer from extremely low number of downloads. This is obvious because there are so many apps on the market today. Competition is huge and the worst thing is that number of produced apps increasing every single day. Well, in this case App Store Optimization (ASO) may help your app rank better and eventually increase your download numbers. 

Tools we use:

Sensor Tower

Synonyms Tool

Keyword Mixer


Word Counter

Google Translate Tool

Here are some points we use during our keyword selection:

We guarantee not to use duplicate keywords in your title and your keyword section

We don’t use trademark keywords (we don’t want to upset Apple which can lead to rejection of your app)

We avoid using conventional overused keywords like: app,game,free,a,the,of,more,by,for

We avoid using keywords that are extremely long

Here is the process of keyword research:

Step #1: Root Keywords (we use your app niche to start our research from)

Step #2: Brainstorming (we spy high ranked competitor apps with Sensor Tower tool to come up with more ideas)

Step #3: Synonyms (we use synonym tools to find keywords with lower difficulty)

Step #4: Keyword Mixer (we use keyword mixer to come up with the list of potential phrases)

Step #5: Appcodes Tool (we use Appcodes tool for checking phrase popularity)

Step #7: Extracting the best phrases and creating  keywords and SEO rich title for your app as well as making a selection of appropriate app category

Step #8: Word Counter Tool (we use word counter tool to optimize your keyword list)

Step#9: As per client request we use AppCodes tool for monitoring keywords