In this section I am going to tell you a little bit more about myself.

My name is Ibrahim Eminovic and I am just an ordinary guy trying to live a decent life. I was born and raised in a beautiful city of Sarajevo, capital and largest city of Bosnia & Herzegovina (Europe) with an estimated population of 369.534.  In the past 6 years I worked as security guard in the bank in my home city. My job was pretty boring and my every day was pretty the same. I wanted to try something new, something more challenging but I did not know where to start. Since I worked night shifts in the bank, I used that time for finding new job opportunities on the internet. At first I found a couple of outsourcing websites such as oDesk and Elance but for some reason I was pretty skeptical about that.

However I decided to give it a try and oDesk was the very first site I have ever registered (huh, who would say, I’m a top rated freelancer on that site now.). Of course, as a newbie everything seemed very difficult for me and I did not really know where to start. My freelancing career started on January 2012. At that time I was mostly involved in writing SEO rich blog posts and learning some WordPress basics. One night there was a guy who contacted me through oDesk and he asked me for help. I was very excited and he told me that he needs personal assistant who can help him with producing iOS apps. Since I was a gamer from young age I thought that could be the right position for me, even if I did not have any experience with iOS apps. I did not even have any iOS device at that time (lol). But the guy was very patient with me and he decided to train me himself. Just after a few weeks I get some interest in this business.

After few months working with him, he decided to buy App Empire course for me so I can learn more and move to the next level. We joined App Empire community founded by Chad Mureta and his great team. There I was able to meet a lot of nice people and we had a great education along the way. I shortly realized the logic behind Apple search algorithm and how finding relevant (popular) and low competitive keywords can make a huge impact on ranking iOS apps in top charts. I start making some good results and I was getting more and more interest in this field. Finally, I realized I should quit my secure full time job in the bank and this was what I did. I did the best thing in my life and my life has completely changed! Now, I am free, independent and happy with what I do.

Today, I am cooperating with leading app re-skinning agency in India and I also start writing ASO related posts for their blog.  If time allows me, I am planning to publish many articles there so everyone can benefit! Apart from that, I also start cooperating with AppCodesAppTweak and PreApps very closely which is probably one of my best achievements so far.


Yes! Like everyone else I have my hobbies too! I love watching movies online, blogging, cycling, traveling and spending my time with friends. I love helping others to get understanding of ASO process. I have created my Facebook ASO group where people can ask me any ASO related questions for free. Besides, lately I found playing around with Xcode and WordPress as a very interesting process too. Apart from  fun, this process  also allows me to make some extra money at the same time which is really cool. I was able to re-skin  couple of  apps  myself and if time allows me I will definitely keep doing this. Just in case you would like to see my apps  I have done so far you can do so right here. Apart from apps, I recently created a website for watching movies online.

That’s all folks! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my short and hopefully interesting biography. Wishing you a lot of success in your business and personal life! 🙂