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Advantage of Using Keywords in Your iOS App Title

As we can see today more and more apps adding some extra keywords in their app title. However there are still some apps that keeps their app titles short. The reason for this may vary but usually some publishers think adding a few extra keywords to their app title will make their app name ugly while others aren’t even aware of this huge advantage that Apple gives us. Either way the post below will show how easily you can grab an advantage over apps that aren’t utilizing this strategy.

Absolute Advantage

Let’s face it. Adding extra keywords to your app title will give you three advantages. First advantage is that keywords used directly in the title will most likely have a better ranking in search results comparing to keywords used in regular keyword field.

Second advantage would be getting an opportunity to rank for more keywords since iTunes keyword field allows you to use up to 100 characters per language only. Ranking for more keywords will normally give your app much better search visibility which usually means more revenue for your app at the same time.

Third advantage by adding extra keywords to your app title would allow you to give a brief description of what your app is about and this could easily attract the attention of potential user.

Important Things To Note

While adding extra keywords to your app title can give you a huge advantage and help you rank better for some “juicy” keywords in the App Store that could bring tons of free traffic to your app, you should keep in mind that your app title must make sense and be reader friendly otherwise your app will be rejected by Apple most likely. Your keywords in the title should be sorted that way so readers can easily understand what your app is about.


Putting keywords into your app title only will not make your app #1 in the world but as long as you can be persistent it can give a huge advantage over the apps in your niche and you could eventually outrank some of the bigger apps for certain keywords.

If you have not tried this strategy yet, give it a try as there is nothing to lose and let us know in the comments below how has it worked out for you.

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Ibrahim Eminovic

Ibrahim Eminovic

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