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Being creative and having a good app may not be enough if you want to succeed in the app world. As of July 2015 Apple App Store remained the second largest App Store with over 1.5 million of available apps. Let’s face it, these numbers does not seem promising and without working on a several factors to increase your app ranking, chances of getting found by users on the App Store are extremely low.

One of the most cheaper and effective methods for improving your app rankings would be keyword optimization. Coming up with great keyword ideas may be a tedious process. Surprisingly, very often overlooked method for getting keyword ideas would be Review Mining. What is so special about Review Mining?

Keywords used in your app reviews are usually generated by targeted audience so in most cases they will be pretty much relevant to your app and can be a great source for getting more keyword ideas. Besides it’s totally free and everyone can do it in iTunes.

How To Do It

As you can guess, before doing any keyword brainstorming and creating the list of potential keywords you will be looking through the reviews of your app as well as your competitor apps. If you are new to app development and you are not familiar with iTunes, I will take you through the process very quickly so you do not have to read every single review as this may be time consuming process.

At this time I’ll be using “Yoga Academy” app as an example to show you how you can easily find good keyword ideas right from your app reviews. First thing you should do is to open your iTunes and then type in the name of the app you want to find.

Once you find your app, click on the “Ratings and Reviews” tab. Also make sure that the “All Versions” button is checked as you want to see as much reviews as possible in order to get the biggest source of keywords to choose from.

You will want to start with the most favorable reviews because those reviews will be the ones with the highest star ratings. Such reviews will most likely contain the words that people usually search for on the App Store while searching for this type of apps. Although this doesn’t always have to be the case 1 star reviews will usually contain negative words like “bug”, “crashes” or “incomplete” and normally people will not search for this terms on the App Store. Filtering your app reviews in iTunes can be easily done from the drop down menu on the right hand side.

Just before you go through your app reviews you should open your spreadsheet where you can store your findings. Now that you have your spreadsheet opened you will want to go slowly through your app reviews and record those that you think that would be good to analyze or use. This is more like brainstorming exercise so you should not be too selective at this stage.

Let’s take a look at ”Yoga Academy” app reviews so we can see our potential keyword ideas.


As you can see on the image above “daily yoga” could be possibly used for “Yoga Academy” app. After taking a quick analysis with our tool this is what we were able to see.

image 1

As you can probably guess by targeting this term we would probably have a good chance to rank well especially if we would use this term directly in the title because keywords used directly in the title will normally rank higher comparing to keywords used in keyword field as explained in the previous post.

Image above shows only one example how easily you can actually find good keyword ideas right from your app reviews. If you’re planning to develop “Yoga” app in the future this might be one of the keywords that you will want to target.


As you can see finding the right keywords does not always have to be an exhausting process but can be a fun process too. Besides getting new keywords ideas by going through your app reviews you can actually see what your actual users thinking about your app. While we are mostly focused on positive reviews for getting keyword ideas negative reviews are often used for app improvements as unhappy users will not hesitate to leave them. I hope you now realize the power of app reviews and Review Mining. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ibrahim Eminovic

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